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    11/12/14 ECE Lab Shots.

Professor Galvanauskas conducts research in the areas of fiber optics, ultrafast science and technology, and nonlinear optics. As a member of the Center for Ultrafast Optical Science, he has been a leader in the development of key technologies for a new generation of ultrashort-pulse fiber lasers. This includes the invention and development of a new type of fiber structure called Chirally Coupled Core (CCC) fibers.

Development of CCC fiber technology led to Galvanauskas’ spinoff company Arbor Photonics in 2007. Using the new high-power fiber lasers, the company pursued applications that included improved manufacturing of microelectronics as well as processing of solar cells and other industrial materials. The company was acquired by nLight in 2013.

Galvanauskas is author of more than 200 publications. He received the Commercial Technology Achievement Award in 2001 from Laser Focus World for development of the first commercial fiber chirped pulse amplifier. More recent inventions include the invention and demonstration of Coherent Pulse Stacking, and the invention of novel spectral-coherent and energy-enhancing N2 laser-array beam combining methods.

Galvanauskas earned his PhD in physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America.